Radial Keratotomy Patient, JL

At 54 years of age and dealing with severe astigmatism, poor eyesight in general, and some distortion from a radial keratotomy procedure in the early 90s, it appeared I was likely going to need a corneal transplant. Luckily, my eye doctor heard Dr. Frogozo speak about Scleral contacts. I was somewhat apprehensive as prior attempts to wear hard lenses had not gone well, and I was not a candidate for soft lenses. Honestly, when I saw the size of the lenses I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to get them in. The lenses are awesome! I have become comfortable with taking them in and out each day and they are so much clearer and sharper than my regular eye glasses. I’m extremely happy that my doctor heard about Dr. Frogozo and sent me to her for an evaluation.

Keratoconus Patient, CL

For over 15 years, I have battled with keratoconus and the slow loss of vision caused by it. I have undergone multiple experimental procedures and spent thousands of dollars with no improvement, until now. Thanks to Dr. Frogozo and her staff, I am able to see like never before. This has been a life changing event for me and I couldn’t be happier! Anyone suffering from this condition should definitely consult Dr. Frogozo for help. She did an amazing job. Thank you for giving me my life back.

Keratoconus Patient, LG

I want to thank Dr. Melanie Frogozo at Alamo Eye Care and her staff for their excellent care in treating my vision. As a Keratoconus patient of ten plus years, I have struggled to find a doctor that truly cares about providing the proper vision care to address my vision needs. She exceeded my expectations early on by offering different treatments with patience, supported by her professional knowledge as a specialist. I definitely recommend Dr. Frogozo to anyone looking to treat and improve their quality of life due to vision issues. I am no longer hesitant about my vision care and look forward to scheduling future visits!

Thank You,



Keratoconus Patient, NM

Dear Dr. Melanie Frogozo and Staff:

I cannot begin to describe how thankful and indebted I am to Dr. Frogozo and her staff at The Contact Lens Institute of San Antonio!

For seven or more years I had noticed that with age my vision became worse and worse. Assuming that this is what happens as you grow older I struggled with my vision. It was brought to my attention about 3 to 4 years ago that the reason I struggled with my vision was due to a condition called Keratoconus. The doctor at the time did not paint a pretty picture for people diagnosed with this and I dreaded the worst in years to come. I often found myself crying with frustration because I couldn’t see clearly or some things at all. My headaches became worse as well as my stress and blood pressure level. Researching people with this condition also elevated my fears.

Until one day a family friend referred me to a specialist who then referred me to Dr. Frogozo. She was so empathetic and compassionate. She reassured me that everything would be ok and there were definitely solutions to my problem! She fitted me with new contact lenses and explained thoroughly how to care for them as well as my eyes.

Today I now see better than I have in an extremely long time. I no longer feel afraid to do certain things because of my vision. My Keratoconus is not holding me back from living and doing things with my family and friends and I owe it all to Dr. Frogozo and her staff!

Keratoconus Patient