Articles Authored by Dr. Melanie Frogozo 

June 2017 Contact Lens Management of Congenital Cataract

April 2017 Dry Eye in Children” Contact Lens Spectrum

February 2017 Contact Lens Options for Addressing Pediatric Aphakia

December 2016 Addressing MGD in Contact Lens Wearers

December 2016 Pediatric Corneal Crosslinking

October 2016 GP Lenses for Ocular Trauma in Children


August 2016 Contact Lens Spectrum, Post- Opertive Contact Lens Fittings 

August 2016 Contact Lens Spectrum, Fitting GP Lenses for Children 

July 2016 Contact Lens Spectrum, How to Manage Dryness Symptoms in GP Wearers

June 2016 Review of Cornea and Contact Lens, Fitting Rigid Lenses After Refractive Surgery

June 2016 Contact Lens Spectrum, Vitamin A Deficiency: A Cause for Dry Eye in Children

April 2016 Contact Lens Spectrum, Occlusion Contact Lenses for Amblyopia

February 2016 Contact Lens Spectrum, Orhtokeratology possibilities for Children 

December 2015 Contact Lens Spectrum, Colored Contact Lenses for Children

October 2015 Contact Lens Spectrum, Treatment Choices for Pediatric and Infantile Aphakia

August 2015 Contact Lens Spectrum, Pediatric Refractive Error Considerations

June 2015 Contact Lens Spectrum, Application and Removal of Pediatric Scleral Lenses

April 2015 Contact Lens Spectrum, Full Scleral Versus Mini-Scleral Lenses for Children 

Upcoming Lectures and Presentations by Dr. Melanie Frogozo

“Scleral Lenses for Regular Corneas.” OD Wire Specialty Lens Symposium September 2017.

“Advanced Scleral Lens Fitting and Designs” American Academy of Optometry Annual Meeting 2017 Chicago, IL. October 2017.

“Scleral Lenses.” Lecture for APTO at the American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting 2017 New Orlean, LA. November 2017.

“Building and Orthokeratology Practice.” Gas Permeable Lens Institute Webinar Series December 2017.